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16 Cows That Are Too Friggin’ Cute For Words


I’m eMOOtional.

Let THIS baby cow ease your mind:

Let’s say it together now, “awwwwww.”

Let's say it together now, "awwwwww."

A heart from them to you:

A heart from them to you:

Like parent, like baby:

Like parent, like baby:



How cute is this?!

Johannes Hulsch

You can’t fool us little guy, you’re not a bunny!

You can't fool us little guy, you're not a bunny!

These guys are just hangin’…

These guys are just hangin'...

He just wants to lick you up!

I’m getting emootional now.

I'm getting emootional now.

Cows + Snow = a magnificent scene.

Instagram: @pkbthirdcircle

Beautiful scene, beautiful animal:

Is all that excitement just for me?

Instagram: @dailycrisis_farm

And finally, that’s what I call a bang!

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