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Month: December 2017

“I have social anxiety, which I chose to represent through a general illustration of basic symptoms. The words that create the body in the center say ‘judgement, watching me, can’t breathe, anxiety, fear, I’m drowning, help me, and too much’.” —faithm40abe33e2 Source Link Create a shortened URL
What mushballs. This distinguished mushball: Instagram: @scarletandgraybulldogs And this lil’ nugget: Instagram: @bobthebullie This gentle napper: Instagram: @maverick_poser And this relaxing pupper: Instagram: @tank_the_english_bulldog17 This chunky munchkin: Instagram: @don_thebulldog And this adorable little pup: Instagram: @chilli_and_shirley This talented bullie: Instagram: @bxrockx And this major sports fan: Instagram: @reggiewaffles This tiny pile of wrinkles: Instagram: @mudbud_and_zoey […]
If it wasn’t apparent that organic food had gone corporate, the sirens clearly sounded this year when the retail behemoth Amazon acquired Whole Foods, which itself had already become an icon of corporatized natural food. The acquisitions of companies in the organic food business “took off in the ’90s but now involve bigger and bigger […]
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