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23 Things Swimmers Do That They Only Feel *Slightly* Guilty About


1. First and foremost, peeing in the pool.

2. That obviously means you’re technically peeing with — and on — your friends.

3. Also, (if you’re capable of it) peeing while you’re swimming and leaving a little stream behind you.

4. And peeing in a tech suit…it just never ends well.

5. Hocking loogies into the gutters.

6. Walking on gross pool decks barefoot…

7. …or even worse, LOCKER ROOMS. Like…we’re crazy.

8. Adjusting your boobs/bulge in your suit in the full view of the pool.

9. Two words: DECK. CHANGING.

10. Accidentally swallowing pool water and not even thinking twice about what’s actually in it.

11. Smacking someone during warm up and not even slowing down, just continuing swimming.

12. Grabbing someone in the lane next to you while you’re swimming in practice…swimming *IS* a contact sport.

13. Pulling on the lane line.

14. Checking out other swimmers at meets.

15. Walking around non-swimmers and REEKING of chlorine.

16. And having that dry, crunchy, straw-like hair from the chemicals in the water.

17. Swimming with foggy goggles — except you don’t know EXACTLY what gross crud is causing them to fog up.

18. Having nervous pees (or poos, LOL) before a race (you’re nervous AND trying to stay super hydrated.)

19. Permanently having goggle marks around your eyes.

20. Having hairy legs all season…

21. …and then enjoying your shaved legs a little too much when it came to championship season.

22. Constantly being nearly naked around all your best friends.

23. And finally, stuffing your face after every practice and meet because DUH, you’re a swimmer and your stomach is a bottomless pit.

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