23 Times Harry Potter Was A Complete Fucken Idiot

AKA: The entire series of Harry Potter.

Guys, Harry Potter was a major dickhead. For starters, he made poor Hermione do all his homework.

“I swear in the books Hermione did 90% of his and Ron's homework! How big of a jerk do you have to be to not pay attention in class… then ask your best friend to do it for you?!” – sierrad4fb79c734

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Actually, he was a pretty crappy friend to her too. Remember when he spent half a book ignoring Hermione, all because she wanted to make sure his broomstick wasn’t cursed?


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Also, he pretty much ignored Hagrid throughout the series, except when he needed something.

“Hagrid is one of the only genuinely parent-like figures Harry has in his life. He is one of the only ones who is consistently considerate of him, is actually honest with him, doesn't use him for ulterior aims, and loves him for HIM, instead of loving him/protecting him because of his association with his parents.” – kristenccarter

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