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Australia Votes YES In The Same-Sex Marriage Survey


Australians living in San Francisco held a party on the night of the result announcement at Pilsner Inn in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood.

Melbourne software company employee Virginia Murdock, 39, a lesbian, was visiting San Francisco for work and attended the party.

“I married my wife Sophie in 2015 at Brooklyn City Hall while I was working in the US for a year so we could be together in the States,” she told BuzzFeed News.

“We were living two lives. We were married in the States; we weren’t married in Australia. We were single there, but we couldn’t get married to anyone else because of Australian laws. I’m married here right now, but I won’t be when I get off the plane.”

Former chair of Rainbow Labor in Australia, and former state political candidate, Neil Pharaoh, 33, told BuzzFeed News that he was holding off celebrating.

“I won’t celebrate until the legislation passes both houses,” he said. “The conservatives will try to muck this up in Parliament. Conservatives care more about the symbolic victories than the actual legal reforms. We’ve passed a lot of rights that America hasn’t.

“I’ve been this close to marriage equality before and not gotten it, so I’m still sceptical. It’s a nice victory, though.”

Daniel Harvey, 29, space program manager for Intersection For The Arts, said he was stuck in a meeting when the result came through.

“I was sitting there with all of these people so keyed up and tuning out what they were saying as I kept refreshing my phone on my leg under the table. When it finally let out and we left the room I grabbed my boss, who’s also gay, and yelled, ‘It’s a yes!!’

“Then my dad called me to break the news as I was in a Lyft with all of the people from the meeting, and they didn’t know what was going on. Finally we got back to the office and had some wine.”

-Blake Montgomery

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