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Here’s What Breakfast Looks Like In 28 Countries Around The World


1. People eat toast with sprinkles on it in the Netherlands!


It’s called Hagelslag and it’s basically toast with butter, speculoos, Nutella, or peanut butter on it TOPPED WITH SPRINKLES!!!

ID: 10680131

2. What’s in a German breakfast? What ISN’T in a German breakfast?

German breakfasts are kind of the best for people who can’t make up their mind. They typically include bread, meats, cheeses, eggs, and fruit.

ID: 10681288

3. Turkish breakfasts, too, totally dominate when it comes to variety.

Create your own Turkish breakie feast with a mix of breads, cheeses, black and green olives, butter, honey, jam, eggs, and fresh veggies.

ID: 10681586

4. In the Spanish region of Andalusia, people snack on simple bread with olive oil and salt.

Sometimes it’s served with a bit of garlic and tomato, too.

ID: 10708791

5. A full English breakfast consists of eggs, toast, beans, sausages, and black pudding.

ID: 10713381

6. And in Italy, people start their days with a cappuccino and cornetto.

A cornetto is like a croissant, but less buttery, and often filled with some kind of sweet cream. You can make your own using this recipe.

ID: 10714184

8. Banitza — a flaky pastry made with filo dough, eggs, and feta cheese — gets Bulgarians ready for their day.

Here’s how to make your own.

ID: 10714319

9. Pandesal makes for great breakfasts in the Philippines.

These rolls are just the delicious solid base to whatever topping you might want to slather on them — be it jelly or Cheese Whiz (though hopefully not both at the same time). Make your own with this recipe.

ID: 10680206

10. In China, folks chow down on a classic — youtiao with soy milk.

Youtiao are basically the Chinese version of a donut or cruller, and they’re apparently best-served dipped or soaked in soy milk. INTO IT. Make your own with this recipe.

ID: 10680814

11. Broken rice with grilled pork, a steamed egg, and a bit of is the breakfast of champions in Vietnam.

What’s bì? It’s shredded pork mixed with pork skin. Vietnamese people prefer “broken rice”—aka rice made from fractured and broken grains—in the morning because it’s easier to digest.

ID: 10680899

12. In Malaysia, nasi lemak makes the menu.

Nasi lemak is a rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves (you can get these at an Asian grocery store). It’s served with a bunch of different garnishes and is pretty much considered the national dish of Malaysia. Here’s how to make your own.

ID: 10681103

13. Koreans tend to eat the same kind of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

A more typical breakfast might include tofu soup, or cabbage soup, rice, pickled veggies, kimchi, and soy sauce marinated beef.

ID: 10707780

14. Congee — a porridge dish that’s usually flavored with cuttle fish, pork, or eggs — is always on the menu in Singapore.

ID: 10714551

15. Northern Indian families feast on poori masala in the mornings.

It’s a delicious dish of mashed potatoes, veggies, and spices, served with fried bread. Make your own with this recipe.

ID: 10672834

16. While in southern India idli is a morning fave.

Idli is a savory cake of black lentils and rice. Here’s one way to make it. It’s typically served with a spicy lentil dish called sambar.

ID: 10673773

18. In Pakistan, those craving a big breakfast order halwa puri.

Halwa puri, or halwa poori, consists of a sweet semolina dish, a spicy chickpea dish, and poori bread for dipping! To make your own, check out this recipe.

ID: 10681367

19. In Israel, shakshuka is always on the menu.

This baked egg dish is a flavorful combo of onions, peppers, tomato paste, and eggs. To make your own, follow this easy recipe.

ID: 10707867

22. A simple dish of ful medames often makes breakfast plates in Egypt.

Ful medames is a simple, hearty dish made from cooked fava beans, parsley, and olive oil, topped with tomatoes and onions. Egyptians often eat it with a side of falafel. Enjoy your own ful with this recipe.

ID: 10708371

23. Folks in Costa Rica make gallo pinto for brekkie.

Gallo pinto is a traditional Costa Rican rice and beans dish. Make your own with this recipe.

ID: 10707989

24. Chilaquiles — tortilla chips smothered in green or red sauce and topped with cheese and egg — are tops in Mexico.

It’s basically breakfast nachos, what’s not to like? You can make your own using this recipe.

ID: 10713810

25. Venezuelans love cachapas, which are corn pancakes filled with cheese and sometimes meat.

Find out how to make them here.

ID: 10713039

26. Tacacho con cecina are a favorite Peruvian breakfast street food.

What are they? Roast plantain fritters served with a dollop of pork on top. Sounds pretty good, eh? Make your own with this recipe.

ID: 10714500

27. Colombians munch on pandebono while sipping thier morning coffee.

Pandebono, or Colombian cheese bread, is a deceptively savory morning treat. Make your own with this recipe.

ID: 10714566

28. Brazilians enjoy French bread, coffee, and a bit of fresh fruit.

Both papaya and cassava are breakfast faves.

ID: 10714290

Tell us: What do you eat for breakfast where you live? Share in the comments below or add a pic using our Dropbox.

ID: 10714821

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