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How to Use the Pokémon Go Search Bar


One of the subtler updates to Pokémon Go has been the addition of many filters to the search bar when viewing the list of Pokémon in your bag.

The search bar itself became a necessity considering there are so many Pokémon to catch now. But merely searching by name was just the start.

Now you can search a lot more specifically. For example, it used to be difficult to find which Pokémon were in gyms. But typing defender into the search bar returns a list for you:

How to use the Pokemon Go search bar

Here’s the full list of what you can search for.

Pokémon Go search bar tips

As before, you can enter a name to find all Pidgeys, say. You can also enter a nickname in the same way.

Extra filters have been added so you can now find all your shiny catches (type shiny) and your legendaries (type legendary).

How to use the Pokemon Go search bar


To find all Pokémon of a certain type, just search for that type, e.g. dark.

If you want to be more specific, use an & sign to combine two types, e.g. dragon & flying.

How to use the Pokemon Go search bar


It’s arguably more useful to search by moves, especially if you’re putting together a battle party for a specific raid boss.

Once you know the moves that are most effective, prefix the name with an @ sign, e.g. @shadow ball. This works for both fast and charge moves.

How to use the Pokemon Go search bar


You can arrange the list of Pokémon using the button at the bottom right, but if you want a specific range of CP, type CP2000-3000 to see only those.

This also works for HP, so to find those with the most Hit Points, type HP250- The dash at the end says you don’t want Pokémon with exactly 250 but all those with 250 or more.

How to use the Pokemon Go search bar


If you need to find all evolutions of a Pokémon, just add a + before the name. So +eevee will return all your Eevees and its many evolutions.

How to use the Pokemon Go search bar

Also, if you’re looking to do a mass evolve with a lucky egg, you can quickly find all Pokémon which have enough candy to be evolved by typing evolve. To list specific ones, use & and then their names as below:

How to use the Pokemon Go search bar

Combining operators

Use & to combine different search terms. So fighting & cp2000-3000 will show you all your fighting types with that CP range.

Similarly, you can use a comma to mean ‘OR’. So you can search for multiple types or multiple moves.

How to use the Pokemon Go search bar

You can also read our guide to using AR+ in Pokémon Go.

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