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Just 5 Great Planners For Anyone Who Still Needs One


Keeping up with the animals/Amazon theme, let’s move onto the Panda Planner! This one has 2,800+ reviews and a 4.5-star rating, which is pretty impressive. Unlike the Simple Elephant planner, it has daily pages (including an hourly schedule) and also…a lot of pandas.

Things I liked:

• It comes in four colors, has a nice sturdy cover, and is a good size (lightweight, will fit in a large purse).

• It’s undated.

• It has monthly, weekly, and daily pages.

• The monthly pages are more robust than the Elephant Planner’s; there is a spot to write down a focus and a habit, a spot for listing distractions you want to avoid, and a space for reflecting at the end of the month. I thought the prompts were good, and I like tackling them at the the monthly level.

• Each daily page is actually two pages: The left page is built for morning reflection (there’s even a spot for an affirmation) and the right page is built for tasks and an hourly schedule.

• There are three built-in bookmarks and a pocket on the interior back cover.

• It’s got a one-year guarantee — if you don’t like it, the company will give you a refund.

Take it or leave it:

• It’s said to last between three to six months, which is fine (I pay $20 for a new notebook every three months) but given the price ($27), this could definitely be a dealbreaker for some people.

• There’s a panda embossed on the cover. (But it could be covered with a sticker!)

• It’s more aggressively goal-oriented than I personally would want, and the amount of prompts on the weekly and daily pages are a bit much for my taste. Like, I don’t need to list my “passion project” each week and I don’t have an affirmation each day. (Though maybe I should?)

• The first page has a lot of instructions. It also wants me to go to a website to watch videos on how to use it. I think the first page of a planner should be prettier to look at. Also…no thank you to watching videos?

• The product description includes this promise: “Besides the remarkable day planner, I’m going to give you 7 FREE ebooks and a video mini-course to 10x your productivity! I’ll cover topics such as Crushing your Goals, A Billionaire’s Guide to Productivity, Curing Procrastination, Getting in Shape, Getting Straight A’s, and Getting Rid of Anxiety. Improve not only your schedule, but yourself!” *shrug*

• I didn’t love the font/style/amount of pandas throughout.

Overall, the Panda Planner was a little too guided and a bit juvenile for my taste, but with so many positive Amazon reviews, I’m willing to stand down!

Good for: people who are young or young at heart; people who want a lot of guidance with their planner; people who are really about the self-improvement/affirmations/crushing their goals; your 14-year-old sibling who loves watching TED Talks; people who want to do more daily journaling; people who liked the Elephant Planner but want that, like, dialed up to an 11; people who just really love pandas.

Get it from Amazon for $26.97 (currently on sale for a limited time for $19.99+).

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