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Tell Us What Happened When You Were Diagnosed With An STI



Come tell us your story (anonymously, if you’d like).

1. There’s a harmful stigma surrounding sexually transmitted infections. It implies that being diagnosed with one is shameful, embarrassing, or “your fault” based on your sexual history.

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2. But the truth is anyone can get an STI, whether they’ve had one partner or 50 partners.

jarun011 / Via Getty Images

And, in some cases, you can be infected without even having sex. Some STIs (like herpes and HPV) can be transmitted through skin-to-skin genital or oral contact, even if nothing technically goes inside anything else.

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3. So we want to know: What STI(s) have you been diagnosed with, what happened after you were diagnosed, and how has your diagnosis affected your life?

Having an STI is something that can be scary and difficult to process, especially when you’re first diagnosed. We want to know how you found out, whether it was through a test, a partner telling you, or because you started experiencing specific symptoms.

Did you feel comfortable telling people? Has it changed the way you feel in your current relationship? Has it changed your relationship with yourself? How has it affected your view on STIs and the people who may have them?

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4. Tell us your story in the anonymous form below and your answer could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.

You can also view the form here (which might be easier on mobile). Don’t be afraid to go into detail. Your response can be 100% anonymous!

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