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The Hardest And Grossest Game Of “Would You Rather” For Girls


Would you ever wear the same thong for a week?

    1. Wear the same bra for a month…

    2. Via Getty Images

      …or wear the same thong every day for a week?

ID: 10330425

    1. Via @Holden267 / Via Twitter: @Holden267

      Use a rusty razor clogged with hair…

    2. Via Remee Patel / BuzzFeed

      …or use a lipstick that’s dropped on the floor and covered in fluff?

ID: 10330437

    1. Not be able to wipe after you pee, for a week…

    2. Via Getty Images

      …or wear the same pair of leggings with no underwear on for a week?

ID: 10330447

    1. Via Getty Images

      Only use mascara that’s been shared with five other people…

    2. …or use dirty makeup brushes that haven’t been washed in a year?

ID: 10330387

    1. Have to wear the same pad all day while on a heavy period…

    2. Via Getty Images

      …or no pad/tampon on a light flow?

ID: 10330342

    1. Have to pull out a big clump of long hairs that have gathered in your bum cheeks…

    2. Via Getty Images

      …or pull out a long ingrown hair?

ID: 10330417

    1. Via Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

      Have massive blood clots on your period but your bowels be fine…

    2. …or have no blood clots but have your bowels be fucked?

ID: 10330433

    1. Via Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

      Always be able to feel crumbs in your bra but not be able to get them out…

    2. …or always feel like you have a wedgie and not be able to pull it?

ID: 10330482

    1. Via Getty Images

      Always have loads of grey sludge under your nails and never be able to cover it with polish…

    2. …or always have chapped lips but no lip balm?

ID: 10330546

    1. Have constantly greasy hair but no flakes…

    2. Via Getty Images

      …or have not-greasy hair but with large dandruff flakes?

ID: 10330450

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Jasmin Nahar is a junior staff writer at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.


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