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We Got Eyelash Lifts And The Result Was Kind Of Crazy, TBH


2. So when we heard about Lash Lifts, a treatment for natural lashes that can add curl and definition for 8-10 weeks, we wanted to try it out.

It’s a similar process to eyelash extensions, but it’s performed with shaped shields and thick cream solutions so it’s a newer, safer way to perform the service, according to Courtney Buhler, CEO, Founder and Lead Artist of Sugarlash PRO. And yeah, it cheaper, but it still ain’t CHEAP. They cost between $75-$125 for a treatment, but hey, it’s still a lil’ cheaper.

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3. The process is pretty simple, and the whole thing takes about an hour.

Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

The process goes as follows:
1. You clean your lashes. I MEAN REALLY CLEAN, you can’t have anything on them!
2. A silicone shield is applied to your eyelid and then the technician applies the same adhesive onto the top of the shield and brushes the natural lashes up onto the shield to give the shape.
3. Then you get some lifting cream on your lashes for 8-12 minutes! This is the part where you NAPPPP!
4. Then you get a setting lotion for about five minutes, and some nourishing oil, and wa-la, you have gorgeous lashes that look real AF.

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4. So three of us, Farrah, Nina, and Lara decided to try out this Lash Lift thing and see what we thought.

Going into this, none of us had ever received eyelash extensions before, so we were going into it blindly hoping to come out of it not blind!

**It’s worth noting that we tried to have our co-worker, Sheridan, who has had many extensions get this procedure as well to compare, but her eyelashes were too curly for the lift to work as we found out right before!

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8. Overall, we would all probably do this treatment again, if the occasion was right.

Farrah’s final thoughts: I was actually super impressed how curled my eyelashes stayed weeks after doing this. It gave them the appearance of being longer without extensions. Even though I still made curling part of my daily routine, I noticed that the curl now lasted throughout the whole day PLUS after removing all my makeup. I’d do this again ONLY if it was for a special occasion, but it’s not a beauty habit I see myself continually keeping up with.

Nina’s final thoughts: I would definitely consider doing this again. I loved my lashes after the treatment. And the lift lasted for a such a long time. The only annoying part is that when I would put eyeliner on, my lashes would get in the way because they’re so high up and near my lids now. But I’ll take that minor inconvenience if it means my lashes are almost touching my brows.

Lara’s final thoughts: I would do this again, but only for special occasions! I’d be worried that if I did it too often I would get addicted and hate the way my normal lashes look. Which pretty much already happened. I loved it, and it was so painless, but I don’t have that much extra cash so my lashes will just have to deal until I get married or something.

Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

ID: 10005322

Lash Lifts were provided to BuzzFeed free of charge.

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